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Friday, December 30, 2011

[Japanese food] The simple Udon

Ataya ~ "Hi there, It's almost new year 2012. In Japan somebody told me that I should eat something noodle on new year day. Long pasta means long live also. Whatever, I just wanna show you how to make simple Udon menu. Hope you enjoy the show... "

1. Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •    Udon noodle  (うどん麺)  1 pack     ~90 Yen
  •    Egg  (玉子)  1 egg ~ 20 Yen
  •    Dried Katsuo fish flake  (鰹) 1 bag ~ 10 Yen
  •    Sesame sauce(ゴマだれ) 2 table spoons ~ 10 Yen
  •    Seasoning(調味料)[salt(塩),white sesame(白い胡麻),wasabi(わさび)] ~ 10 Yen
Total cost = 140 Yen

2. Boiling water, When it heated then add Udon noodle and egg into it. Spread salt and waiting...

3. Stir it well and keep boiling it about 4-5 minutes.

4. When time up then put them into cold water.

5. Wash Udon noodle with cold water. This keep it not to be too soften.

6. Shake off all water and place Udon noodle in blow. Pour sesame sauce over them.

7. Add scalded egg ....

8. Spread Dried Katsuo fish flake and white sesame. Little drop of wasabi... Done !!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

[Korean food] Making of Kimchi

Ataya ~ "Hi all, My friend gave me a Kimchi making sauce. So, I just made it. Please take a look."

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below
  •    Chinese cabbage  (白菜)  1 pack     ~90 Yen
  •    Kimchi making sauce (キムチ元ソース)  1 bottle ~ 200 Yen
  •    Plastic zip pack bag (ジップ・パック) 1 bag ~ 10 Yen
Total cost = 300 Yen

2. Wash Chinese cabbage with water, shake off water and cut it into size that can be eating easier.

3. Put them in zip pack and pour  Kimchi making sauce into the bag. Shake them well and place in refrigerator. Use a heavy thing like rock, brick or in my case a water bottle to place over the Kimchi.

3.After 3,4 days then we got nice Kimchi !!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

[Thai food] Pad Krapow Tale : Seafood stir fry with basil.

Ataya ~ "Hi all, Today I will introduce you a simple Thai menu, Pad Krapow Tale : Seafood stir fry with basil. Hope you enjoy the show... " 

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below
  •    Seafood Mix  (シーフードミックス)  1 pack     ~190 Yen
  •    Garlic Paste (にんにくおろし)  1-2 tea spoons ~ 10 Yen
  •    Onion(玉葱) 20 grams ~ 10 Yen
  •    Scallion(ねぎ) 1 scallion ~ 10 Yen
  •    Seasoning(調味料)[salt(塩),Pepper(胡椒),Black Pepper(黒コショウ),Fish sauce (ナムプラ),Oyster sauce(オイスターソース),chilli(唐辛子),basil(バジル)] ~ 50 Yen
Total cost = 270 Yen

2. Unfreeze Seafood mixed first, put all in water for a while.

3. Warming fry pan, fry onion,chilli in cooking oil.

4. Add sea food mix.

5. Add basil,pepper,black pepper, fish sauce,oyster sauce and cook it well.

6. Spread Scallion and turn off the heat.

7. Taste good with fried rice ... Aroi !!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

[Italian food] Pollo al Mattone : Chicken under a brick

Ataya ~ "Hi all, Hope you enjoy your dinner. Tonight, I tried to make Pollo al Mattone (Chicken under a brick) recipe. From the internet, It's famous Italian menu. I made it my own way...Nice and Easy. Hope you enjoy the show "

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below
  •    Chicken  (鶏)  1 pack     ~222 Yen
  •    Garlic (にんにく)  1-2 gloves ~ 10 Yen
  •    Olive Oil (オリーブオイル) 4-5 table spoons ~ 20 Yen
  •    Seasoning(調味料)[salt(塩),Pepper(胡椒),Black Pepper(黒コショウ),Rosemary(ローズマリー),Parsley(パセリ),thyme(タイム)] ~ 50 Yen
Total cost = 302 Yen

2. First of all, Mix all herbs and seasoning together within Olive oil.

3. Rub oil all over the chicken. Place the chicken in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

4. When time passed. Warming up fry pan with maximum heat and put the chicken into it.

5. I have no any brick. So, I using my old pot (with full of water inside) to place over the chicken. Turn heat to normal and wait for about 20 minutes...

6. Turn it over. Place a pot over it and wait for about  20 minutes again ...

7. When the chicken was well-browned for both side. Then it was done.

8. Place the chicken on plate.... Delizioso !!

Monday, October 10, 2011

[Thai food] Cola Chicken

Ataya P ~ "Hi all, Today I will introduce you a special menu. It's Cola-Chicken...Please Enjoy !!  "

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •    Chicken wing  (鶏手羽)  1 pack     ~190 Yen
  •    Chicken leg  (鶏脚)  1 pack  ~ 190 Yen
  •    Cola (コーラ) 1 bottle   ~ 190 Yen
  •    Onion(玉葱) 10 gram ~ 5 Yen
  •    Carrot (人参)  10 gram ~ 5 Yen
  •    Garlic (にんにく)  1-2 gloves ~ 10 Yen
  •    Chinese herb (くこのみ、はっかく) 10 gram ~ 10 Yen
  •    Seasoning(調味料)[salt(塩),Pepper(胡椒),Oyster Sauce(オイスターソース),soy sauce(醤油)] ~ 30 Yen
Total cost = 630 Yen

2. Put all chicken meat into a bowl. Add Oyster sauce, minced garlic, pepper and little bit of salt. Mix it well. Keep it in refrigerator at least 20 minutes.

3. Then warming up fry pan, add all chicken meat and fry them all.

4. When chicken are going to be brown then add cola and soy sauce....

5. Keep boiling it and if bubbles are over then use spoon to put them off sometimes.

6. Add Chinese herb, onion,carrot and keep boiling ...

7. When cola are gone... Then chicken will covered with caramel sauce.

8. Turn off the heat and the Cola-Chicken are ready to be serve....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stir-fried Shiitake Mushrooms with Oyster Sauce

Ataya P ~ "Today , Just watching TV program about Matsutake, the most expensive mushroom in Japan. They said because it can not be reproduce by man or do farming. Just One good shape mushroom can cost 20,000 Yen !! Well, I want to try one but just consider about days after that, I ended up at cooking with Shiitake that is a lot cheaper... Enjoy !! "

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •    Shiitake mushroom  (椎茸)  1 pack     ~190 Yen
  •    Meat balls  (ミトボール)   6-7  balls  ~ 50 Yen
  •    Celery (セロリ) 2-3 leafs   ~ 20 Yen
  •    Spring onion(ネギ) 1-2 spring onions ~ 5 Yen
  •    Fried tofu (油揚げ)  1 pair ~ 30 Yen
  •    Garlic paste(ニンニクペースト)  2-3 tea spoons ~ 10 Yen
  •    White sesame (白胡麻) 1/3 tea spoon ~ 5 Yen
  •    Seasoning(調味料)[salt(塩),Pepper(胡椒),Oyster Sauce(オイスターソース)] ~ 20 Yen
Total cost = 330 Yen

2. Warming up fry pan, add olive oil and little bit of salt , bring meat balls in ...

3. Add Shiitake mushrooms then add Oyster sauce...

4. Seasoning with garlic paste, pepper.

5. Add celery and spring onion...

6. Bring it on plate and spread white sesame around ... Yummy !!

Monday, September 19, 2011

[Thai sweet] Bua Loy : Rice Flour Balls in sweet Coconut milk

Ataya P ~"Hi all, I already decided to make Bua loy at MIRA international food fair this year (If only I can stay here longer for that time, I hope). So, Today I will introduce you how to make it ... Please enjoy"

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •    Sticky rice flour  (米粉)  2 cups     ~100 Yen
  •    crushed black sesame  (すりごま)  1  can ~ 100 Yen
  •    Coconut milk (ココナッツミルク) about 200 gram   ~ 100 Yen
  •    Pumpkin (パンプキン) about 100 gram ~ 50 Yen
  •    Seasoning(調味料)[salt(塩),Sugar(砂糖)] ~ 30 Yen
Total cost = 380 Yen

2. Boiling Coconut milk. Add sugar, little bit of salt. Then keep it in cooler.

3. Wave pumpkin in microwave for 2 minutes.

4. Crush pumpkin ...

5. Mix crushed pumpkin with sticky rice flour. Add water if it too dry...

6. When It became one, it's ready for use.

7. Mix crushed black sesame with sticky flour. Add water to make it stick together.

8. Then we have 2 colour of sticky rice dough ...

9. Make it into little ball shape. Cover them with the left sticky flour...

10. Prepare for boiling ...

11. Boiling it and when it floating over the hot water that means it was done.

12. Cool it down with cold water.

13. Add boiled sweet coconut milk and Bua loy was ready for serve ... Aroi !!