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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Banana Chips

Ataya~"Hi there, I got many of bananas last week and I can't finish eating them all. So, I have to turn it into Banana chips !! "

1. Gathering all ingredients.As describe belo

  •  Raw Banana (バナナ) 2-3 bananas   2 Baht 
  • Honey (蜂蜜) 1/4 tablespoon 3 Baht
  • Cooking Oil (クッキングオイル) 2 cups 5 Baht
Total cost = ~ 10 Baht

2. Peel off raw bananas.

3. Slide bananas into chips. Make it about 0.2-0.3 centimetre thin.

4. Heating up cooking oil in the pan with maximum heat.

 5. Deep fry them !!

6.Keep fry and stir them until bananas turned to light brown colour. Then put it out the pan.

7. Spread honey (or sugar) then it was done !! Yummy :)