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Friday, January 28, 2011

[Thai food] Gai Gratium Pricktai : Garlic Pepper Fried Chicken

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below
    Garlic (大蒜)   2-3 clove              ~ 30 Yen
Chicken meat (鶏の胸) ~300gram         ~206 Yen
  Seasoning(調味料)[black pepper(ブラックペッパー),fish sauce(ナンプラ),peper(胡椒)] ~ 40 Yen
    Total cost = ~ 276 Yen

2.First,Slice galic to be little pieces (but not to small because it will over burn while frying in the pan)

3.Add chiken meat,pepper,black pepper,2 tea spoons of fish sauce and well cut galic in to the bowl.Mixing it well...

3. Keep the chicken meat in freezer about 20 minutes to make sure that the seasoning has been absorb into chicken meat.

4. After that, Warm your frying pan with maximum heat.Add oil and put chicken into it.

5.At this time just low down the heat to medium and keep fry until it was well done.

5.Serve with Kimchi and fried egg on the hot rice. Wow..It's Yummy !!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yum Chikuwa : Mixed Spice Fish Paste Cake Salad

 1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •     Japanese fish paste cake (ちくわ) 1/2 pack 〜 100 Yen  
  •  Onion (玉ねぎ) 1/10 onion         ~10 Yen
  •     Garlic (大蒜)   1 clove              ~ 10 Yen
  •     Mini Tomato(ミニトマト) 4 tomatoes        ~ 40 Yen
  •     Peanut(ピーナッツ) 10 nuts          ~ 10 Yen
  •     Pepermint(ミント) 10 leaf    ~ 50 Yen
  •     Scallion(ネギ) 3 scallion ~ 10 Yen
  •  Seasoning(調味料)[chilli(とうがらし),black pepper(ブラックペッパー),fish sauce(ナンプラ)sugar(砂糖),lemon(レモン),sesame(ごま)] ~ 40 Yen 

    Total cost = ~ 270 Yen

2.First,Making sauce by crunch fresh pieces of garlic,chilli,sugar

3.Add lemon water

4.Add fish sauce and little bit of water.

5.Fry fish paste cake in the fry pan. spread black pepper and little bit of sesame

6.Put well fried fish paste cake into the bowl.

7.Add pepermints,minitomatoes,well sliced onions.

8.Add peanuts and scallion.

9.Finally,Add ready sauce into the bowl and mix all well.

10.Aroi !!!

Potato Gratin

 1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •     Corn cream (コーンクリム)1 cup   ~ 20 Yen
  •     Corn(コーン)2 spoons    ~10 Yen
  •     Milk (ミルク)1/4 cup  ~ 10 Yen
  •     Mix Cheese (ミックスシーズ) ~ 130 Yen
  •     French fried potatoes (フレンチフライ「冷凍」) 10 pieces  ~  100 Yen
  •     Onion (玉ねぎ) 1/10 onion         ~10 Yen
  •     Garlic (大蒜)   1 clove              ~ 10 Yen
  •     Mini Tomato(ミニトマト) 4 tomatoes        ~ 40 Yen
  •     Pork (豚肉)3-4 pieces  ~ 30 Yen
  •     Seasoning(調味料)[black pepper(ブラックペッパー),Rosemary(ローズマリー),Parley(パスレー),salt(塩),] ~ 30 Yen

    Total cost = ~ 390 Yen

2.Warming up corn cream. Add milk and wait until it hot.Just keep in the other container.

3.scrub a piece of galic all around a pan.

4.Fry pieces of garlic with french fried potatoes

5.Add onion and fry it well.

6.Place pair of porks as you can see.

7.Spread corns,tomatoes,all of seasoning

8.Cover with mix cheese.

9.Add corn cream and heat it until it going to dry.

10.Finally,Potato gratin is ready to serve.Buono !!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Italian-Style pasta

 1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below(for 2 set)
  •     Olive Oil(オリーブ油) 1/4 cup ~ 10 Yen
  •     Pasta(パスタ) 1/3 of package ~ 30 Yen
  •     Shitake Mushroom(椎茸) 2 mushrooms ~ 20 Yen
  •     Onion (玉ねぎ) 1/10 onion         ~10 Yen
  •     Garlic (大蒜)   1 clove              ~ 10 Yen
  •     Mini Tomato(ミニトマト) 3 tomatoes        ~ 30 Yen
  •     Rad clam(赤貝缶詰) 1 can      ~ 92 Yen
  •     Seasoning(調味料)[pepper(コショウ),black pepper(ブラックペッパー),Rosemary(ローズマリー),Parley(パスレー),salt(塩),Fish Sauce(ナムプラ),chili(とうがらし)] ~ 50 Yen
  •     plain bread(食パン) 1 slice  ~ 10 Yen
    Total cost = ~ 262 Yen(131 Yen/set)

2.Boiling water.When it became hot,Add little bit of salt and olive oil to prevent pasta stick with a pan's bottom.

3.Boiling pasta until it became soft as you see.(about 20 minutes plus)

4.Bring just pasta into cold water.This will keep pasta not too soft when eating. Keep little bit of water that used to boil pasta.

5.Next,Making garlic bread by scrub piece of galic with 2 sides of the bread.

6.roasting it with a pan or toaster.

7.After that,Back to cook pasta.Add olive oil,salt into a pan and warm it until hot.Put minced garlic into...

8.Add onion.

9.Add well cut shitake mushrooms.

10.Add rosemary and chili.

11.Add red clam and cook it well.

12.Put Pasta into a pan.Add parsley,salt,pepper,black pepper,fish Sauce(It seems Italy also has somekind of Nampla?)

13.Finally, Add sliced tomatoes and pasta's water.Mix it well.

14.Arrange it in fine plat.Serve with garlic bread.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

[Thai food] Pad Gra pow Moo : Thai Pork Basil

 1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below(for 2 set)

   minced pork(豚ひき肉) ~ 300 gram  ~140 Yen
   Onion (玉ねぎ) 1/10 onion         ~10 Yen
   Sweet pepper (ピーマン) 1 sweet pepper ~ 39 Yen
   Seasoning(調味料)[salt(塩),Fish Sauce(ナムプラ),Oyster Sauce (オイスターソース), Pepper (コショウ),Chili(とうがらし)] 〜 30 Yen
   basil(バジル) 1/2 cup ~ 20 Yen
   egg (玉子)2 egges ~ 60 Yen
   rice (ご飯) 1 set  ~ 98 Yen
   Total :  ~ 397 Yen (199Yen/set)

 2.fry well cut onion in hot olive oil with already spread of little bit of salt.

 3.add pieces of sweet pepper and mix it well.

 4.add minced pork and cook it well.

 5.At this point,Add all seasoning.If you like spicy taste then add more of chili and pepper.After that,Add all of basil and mix it together.

 6.After minced pork seem to be well done.Add a 1/4 cup of water to make it more juicy and not too much salty.

 7.Make a fried egg as usally.

 8.Serve with hot Thai rice(Well,Hard to find in Japan.So,I have to use sticky Japan rice instead) and Tomyumgoong soup. Perfect !!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pizza bread

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •    plain bread(食パン) 3 pieces. ~ 30 Yen
  •    ham (ハム) 5 pieces ~ 50 Yen
  •    French fried potatoes (フレンチフライ「冷凍」) 5 pieces  ~  10 Yen)
  •    Mini Tomato (ミニトマト)2  tomatoes  ~ 17 Yen
  •    Onion (玉ねぎ) 〜 5 Yen
  •    corn (コーン)  ~ 5 Yen 
  •    sliced cheese(スライスチーズ)〜70Yen
  •    Seasoning (調味料)[salt(塩),pepper (コショウ),parsley(パセリ)] ~ 10 Yen
  •    total = ~197 Yen

2. Cut everything into little pieces (except your fingers)

3. Arrange Ham as a base on plain bread.Then spread all ingradients around as you wish.

4. After spread salt,pepper,parsley.Place sliced cheese on the top.

5. Put it in to the microwave and wave it until cheese is melted.

6. If you want crispy pizza. Put it in the pan and bake it for a while.

7. Finally, Pizza bread is ready to be serve.