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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Homemade Milk Jam

Ataya~"Hi there, I have no any jam in my kitchen. Only milk I have found. So, It's time to make some Milk Jam... Enjoy "

1. Gathering all ingredients.As describe belo
  •  Milk (ミルク) 2-3 cups   10 Baht 
  • Sugar(砂糖) 2-3 tablespoon 3 Baht
Total cost = 13 Baht

2. Use maximum heat to warm up pan and pour milk into it.

3. When bubbles came up then add sugar and keep stir.

4.When water in the milk almost vaporized then turn heat to normal level and stir the jam until it was thick enough to use as jam (something between cream and butter).

 5. Put milk jam in the container. wait until it was cool down and place it in the refrigerator. Now your milk jam just ready to serve with cracker or bread. Yummy !!