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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

[Japanese Food] Tuna Mayonnaise Don

Ataya ~"Hi there ! Today I will introduce you the almost easiest menu that everyone can make at their kitchen. It's "Tuna mayonnaise Don" (Don is mean a bowl of rice topping with something) Let see ... "

1. Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •  Canned Tuna (ツナ缶詰)  ~1 can     190 Yen
  •  Mayonnaise(マヨネーズ) ~1,2 table spoons   10 Yen
  • Rice(ご飯) 1 pack  ~100 Yen
  • Sea weed (海苔) 1 pack       20 Yen
  • Garlic (ニンニク) 1 cloves   10 Yen 
  • Spring Onion(ネギ) 1 spring onion 2 Yen
  • Seasoning(調味料)[salt(塩),black pepper(黒コショウ),soy sauce(醤油)] ~ 20 Yen
Total cost = 352 Yen

2. Warming (instant) rice with microwave.

3. Put tuna into a bowl, add salt,soy sauce and black peper. smash & squeeze it well.

4.Then pour Mayonnaise into it and mix it well.

5.Put already warmed rice into a bowl.

6. Place dry seaweed over the rice.

7. Put Tuna Mayonnaise into it.

8. Topping with whatever you want (in my case: spring onion+sliced garlic+dry red chili+black sesame)and then it was done !! Enjoy !!