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Saturday, January 21, 2012

[Japanese food] Chicken Katsu Don (Rice topping with fried chicken)

Ataya ~" Hi all, How are you? Time has passed so fast and now we are in year 2012. Some said that in this year the world will end. I don't know what it will be but I try my best as usual. Ok, Let cooking... Today I will introduce you the Chicken Katsu Don, one of Japanese famous menu. I'm not Japanese but I think my recipe is probably right ... Enjoy."

1. Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •    Rice(should be Japanese rice)  (ご飯)  1 pack     ~90 Yen
  •    Egg  (玉子)  1 egg ~ 20 Yen
  •    (No bone)Fried Chicken (フライドチキン) 1 pack ~ 190 Yen
  •    Onion (玉葱)  about 10 gram ~ 10 Yen 
  •    Spring onion(ネギ) about 1 spring onion ~ 2 Yen 
  •    Seasoning(調味料)[salt(塩), sugar(砂糖),vinegar(酢), black pepper(黒コショウ), white sesame(白い胡麻),soy sauce(醤油)] ~ 20 Yen
Total cost = 330 Yen

2. Add about 1/4 cup of water into fry pan and heating it. When it heated then add about 1 tea spoon of salt, 1 tea spoon of sugar,  3 or 4 tea spoon of soy sauce, 2 and a half tea of vinegar. (That's my personal formula...)

3. Add well cut onion.

4. Then add fried chicken over the soup.

5. Spread black pepper over the chicken and then pour mixed egg around it.

6. Put cooked rice into a cup.

7. Place the chicken over cooked rice. Spread white sesame and spring onion... Yummy yummy :)