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Sunday, August 28, 2011

[Thai sweet] Banana Coconut Pudding (Kanom Gluay)

Ataya ~ "Making something simple...Yes that reminds me about Kanom Gluay, I used to eat it as a breakfast when I was a boy. Nice and easy... "

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •    Coconut Milk  (ココナッツミルク)  1/2 can      ~50 Yen
  •    Rice flour (米の粉)  150 gram ~ 50 Yen
  •    Sticky Rice flour (餅の粉)  100 gram ~ 20 Yen  
  •    Sugar (砂糖) about 3-4 table spoons   ~ 50 Yen
  •    Salt(塩) 1 tea spoon   ~ 10 Yen
  •    banana (バナナ) 1 banana ~ 20 Yen
Total cost = 200 Yen

2. Cut banana into little pieces...

3. Squeeze them into paste.

4. Add rice flour and sticky rice flour.

5.Then add coconut milk.

6. Add little bit of salt and sugar. Mixing them well...

7. Actually it has to stream the pudding but I have no such equipments. So, I try the easy way by waving it with microwave...

9. Yep !! It's done. Yummy Yummy

Because of using Microwave, it was little bit hard than usual but it's still fine pudding anyway...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

[Thai sweet] Coconut Milk Toffee

Ataya ~ "Hi there ! Recently I just researching on Thai sweet menus because it will have international food fair in November and I may have to cook something to sell there. I must give an answer what to cook before next month. Here is one of my research ... Thai's Coconut Milk Toffee : sweet, crunchy and yummy !!! "

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below
  •    Coconut Milk  (ココナッツミルク)  1 can      ~100 Yen
  •    Mizu Ame (水飴)  3-4 table spoons ~ 100 Yen
       I don't know what it call in English ->
  •    Sugar (砂糖) about 4-5 table spoons   ~ 50 Yen
  •    Peanut(ピーナッツ) 100 grams   ~ 20 Yen
  •    Instant Coffee(コーヒー) 2 tea spoons ~ 10 Yen
Total cost = 280 Yen

2. Boiling coconut milk with maximum heat on fry pan.

3. When bubbles coming then add sugar.

4. Add Mizuame...

5. Mixing them well and keep boiling it. Keep stir or it will burn ...

6. When it turned to be creamy (it's colour will brown) turn the heat to normal. In my case it took about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

7. Add peanuts and stir them well.

8. Turn off the heat and add coffee powder.

9. While it still hot put toffee paste on the plate and make it a long tube shape (When it was cold ,it is impossible to change it shape and it will stick with your plate)

10.  Cut it in little toffee side... Sweet ...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Eggplant Stir-Fried with Oyster Sauce

Ataya ~ "Hello there !! After finished all of tomatoes, I got to deal with huge eggplants. Please enjoy the show .... "

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •    Eggplant  (茄子)  1 eggplant      ~100 Yen
  •    Garlic (大蒜)  1 -2 gloves ~ 20 Yen
  •    Minced Pork (豚肉) about 300 gram   ~ 100 Yen
  •    Seasoning(調味料)[salt(塩),fish sauce(ナンプラー),Oyster Sauce(オイスターソース),Parsley(パセリ),Pepper(胡椒),Salt(塩),] ~ 60 Yen
Total cost = 280 Yen

2. Warming up fry pan. Add cooking oil and spread little bit of salt. then fry minced garlic.

3. Add minced pork and cooking it well.

4.Add eggplant and 3-4 table spoons of oyster sauce, 2-3 tea spoons of fish sauce and little bit of pepper.

5.Keep cooking them until eggplant getting soft. Put all in a fine plate. Always taste good with a cup of  rice ... Hmmm...