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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Homemade Tamarind Seed #Coffee

Ataya~"Hi there, sweet tamarind is now on sell at the market. I remembered that we can make (fake) coffee from it's seed. Tamarind's seed once was used to add with real coffee beans to cut down the cost. Anyway, it turns out that it has many health benefits (may be more than the real coffee bean). They said it's good for your liver and kidneys. Let's do it ...     "

1. Gathering all ingredients.As describe below.

  • Sweet tamarind seeds (タマリンドの種) 1/2 Kg  0 Baht
Total cost = 0 Baht

2. First, separate tamarind seed from it's pulp.

3. Roast the seeds with fry pan, the seed coat will getting crispy and easy to break.

4. Just remove the black seed coat and keep the white core.

5. Warming up fry pan and roast the coat removed seeds with low heat.

6. Keep rolling until all the seeds just turn dark brown.

7. Hulk Smash !!

8. Keep crushing them until all seeds break into powder (You can use blender at this point)

9. Let's brew a cup of fresh coffee.

10. Add sugar or cream as you want. Enjoy !!

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