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Monday, September 1, 2014

[Dessert] Homemade Banana Ice-cream

Ataya~"Hi there, It's Ice-cream time !! Today I will show you how to make the most easy and healthy banana ice-cream. Let's do it."

1. Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •  Banana  (バナナ)  ~3 bananas     10 Baht
  •  Milk (ミルク) 1/2 cup   5 Baht 
  • Honey(蜂蜜) 2 spoon 2 Baht
Total cost = 17 Baht

2.Cut bananas into pieces.

3.Put it in blender and mix it well.

4.Add milk and honey and mix it again.

5.Pour the cream into a cup and put it in refrigerator(freezer of course) for about 2-3 hours.

6. Finally, It's Banana ice-cream !! Yummy yummy!!

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