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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Homemade Custard Pudding (カスタードプリン)

Ataya ~ "Dear All, Recently the weather in Japan just getting hot and hotter. I try to make more sweets and ice creams. This custard pudding is very nice and easy. I using instant pudding powder from 100 Yen shop. Hope you enjoy the show... "

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below
  •    Instant Pudding powder (なめらかカスタードプリン) 1 pack     ~105 Yen
  •    Milk (牛乳) 300cc (1/2 cup)       ~ 20 Yen
  •    Egg(卵)  1  egg     ~40 Yen
    Total cost = ~ 165 Yen

2. Pour milk into a bowl. Add instant pudding powder.

3.Add yolk into a bowl.

4.Then mixing them together  ...

5.Keep do it until everything became one.

6.By using middle heat level. Warming up the liquid. Keep stir it.

7.When bubbles were show up then turn off the heat and keep stir it for a minute. Then pour it into a cup or other containers.

8.Put a cup of pudding into refrigerator and wait for about an hour. When pudding turned to solid state then it was ready.

9.Then add caramel syrup and the custard pudding was ready to serve.. Enjoy !! (I spread  cinnamon sugar for topping)

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