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Sunday, July 10, 2011

[French food] Eggplant Gratin

Ataya ~ "Last week, my friend gave me  a lot of eggplants and tomatoes. I have to finish them as fast as I can. Summer is the season when vegetable get rot easily.So,today I will make Eggplant Gratin..Hope you enjoy the show "

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •    Eggplant (茄子) 1 eggplant ~100 Yen
  •    Tomato (トマト) 1/2 tomato ~ 50 Yen
  •    Onion(玉ねぎ)10 gram  ~5 Yen
  •    Garlic (大蒜) 1 glove ~10 Yen
  •    Corn soup (とうもろこしスープ) 1/3 cup   ~ 30 Yen
  •    Ham (ハム) 3,4 pairs  ~30 Yen 
  •    Cheese(チーズ) 200 gram ~ 50 Yen
  •     Seasoning(調味料)[Parsley(パセリ),Pepper(胡椒),Salt(塩),] ~ 40 Yen 
    Total cost = ~ 285 Yen

2. First, slice eggplant and grill it with fry pan.

3. Scrub garlic all around a bowl. (Just inside of it.OK)

4.Put grilled eggplants in a bowl. Add onion.

5.Spread cheese all around ...

6.Grill hams, spread some pepper.

7.Put grilled hams on top...

8.Add garlic and cheese for making a layer.

9. Then put fresh slice tomatoes on top.

10.Warm up corn soup, add salt and little bit of pepper.

11.Pour it into a bowl.

12.Spread parsley all around ...

13. Put a bowl in microwave and wave it for 2-3 minutes (Using oven instead if you have )

14. Finally, Eggplant Gratin was ready to be serve ... Delizioso !!

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