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Saturday, February 5, 2011

[Japanese food] Okinawa's Carrot shiri shiri : 沖縄のにんじんシリシリ

Ataya ~ "Hi all, Today I will show you how to make Ninjin shirishiri, that is a simple and popular menu from Okinawa. I don't know why but Japanese around here just told me that I look like Okinawa man. Of cause, I am Thai and don't know anything about Okinawa.I just watched TV and learn to do this menu.That is..."

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •    Tuna can (ツーナー缶詰) 1 can     ~190 Yen
  •    Carrot (にんじん) 1/2 carrot        ~ 40 Yen
  •    Egg(卵)  1  egg     ~40 Yen
  •  White Sesame(いりごま「白」)  ~10 Yen
  •   Seasoning(調味料)[pepper(胡椒),soy souce(醤油),salt(塩)] ~ 30 Yen 

    Total cost = ~ 310 Yen

2.First of all, Cut carrot into little pieces as you can see.Not to small and not to big (In Okinawa,There has somekind of tool that use for doing this job.)

3.Warm up your frying pan add little bit of oil and some soup(or oil) from the tuna can into it.

4.Using medium heat and fry pieces of carrot.

5.Not too long,Add meat of tuna into a pan.Add soy souce,pepper,salt and cook it well.

6.Spread white sesame and put an egg.Break an egg and mixing it all around. Keep do it until egg was dry.

7.That is ! Simple and plenty of vitamin A dish was ready to serve...

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