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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Funny Foods & Drinks in Japan #2

Ataya ~"Japanese has a lot of creativity for making new flavour food. Anyway, most of them just disappeared from the market soon after released... too creative I think.."

 the cheapest way to eat watermelon and melon in Japan ...

 Unagi don + Gyudon = Unagyu don ... 

 Darh Vader Light Saber Giant pocky

 The Eye !!

 Watermelon drink

 Honey milk tea

 100% honey -> candy

 Yeah...Beer for kid ..

 Plum Fanta soda pop 

 Relax Bear drink

 Choco ball drink

 Sweet potato ice-cream

Kuririn bun

 Sakura flavoured melon bun.

Eat this sandwich and win the entrance(to university) 

 Slim Pocky

 White Pepsi

 ChuppaChups strawberry cream drink

Choco Potato chip

 Tea Cappuccino

 Strawberry Latte 

 Tasty Banana Latte

 chestnut ice-cream

part one here ->

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