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Saturday, April 9, 2011

[Thai food] Kaipalo (Smoked eggs stewed in the chinese gravy)

Ataya ~ "Hi all, Just received smoked eggs from my boss as a free gift. I don't know why it so that expensive. Everything in Japan is unreasonable price. Anyway, I will show you how to make Kaipalo (Thai word for Kai(Egg) and Palo(Chinese gravy). It's good for your health. Enjoy... "

1.Gathering all ingredients.As describe below

  •    Smoked Eggs(熏蒸玉子) 2eggs   ~200 Yen
  •    Meat balls(ミートボール) 5,6 balls   ~ 100 Yen
  •    Garlic (ニンニク) 2,3 cloves                ~ 10 Yen
  •    Onion(玉ねぎ)100 gram                  ~10 Yen
  •    Spinach(ほうれん草) 300 grams         ~100 Yen
  •  Fried Tofu(油揚げ) 1 pack                   ~90 Yen
  •     Seasoning(調味料)[black pepper(ブラックペッパー),chili(唐辛子),soy souce(醤油),oyster souce(カキソース),salt(塩),cinnamon(シナモンジュガー)] ~ 50 Yen 

    Total cost = ~ 560 Yen

2.First of all,Fry pieces of garlic with black pepper.

3.Add well cut of onions and fry it well.

4.Add meat balls.

5.After that,Add soy souce,orster souce and chili. Cook it well.

6.Add water and boiling it.

7.Add cinnamon and keep boiling.

8.When it going bubble,Add spinach,Fried tofu and smoked eggs.Keep boiling until it done.

9.And yes...Smell good.

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